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Harry Potter Claims
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1. Claims must be posted as a new entry. Claims in comments will not be posted.
2. First come, first serve basis.
3. No fighting over claims. If it's taken, get over it.
4. The default number is two claims per journal.
5. If you'd like to move your claims to another journal, just say so.
6. If you delete your journal or leave the community, you lose your claims.
The claims will be removed once you are removed.
7. Promote the community in your userinfo, you get an extra claim.
8. First ten members get three claims instead of two.
9. Claims can be a person, actor, place, spell, or object of a character. Be creative.
10. Body parts do not count as objects. That's basically like saying I own a tree on your lawn.
But however, you can claim shops and then the entire place.
Ex. someone can claim Diagon Alley, and then claim Ollivanders.
11. If for some reason you no longer want your claim PLEASE let me know, you can just leave a new post, so that I can make the claim/s available again
12. I reserve the right to remove any claims belonging to a dead/inactive journal. Dead/Inactive as in hasn't updated in over a year. I don't think this is all that unreasonable, it prevents claims from just sitting indefinitely at a dead journal, and also makes them available again for other users. If you know for a fact that you will not be able to update for a long time, over a year, just let me know and I'll be sure you keep your claims. It really isn't a big deal, I don't bite ^_^.

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